Children's Balance Car

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  • ●Bionic mushroom handle + TPE environmental protection material: prevent falling and scratching, dot groove design anti-slip
  • ● handlebar, saddle: height adjustment, baby from small to large, according to the baby's height and leg length, easy to adjust the seat height, 2-6 years old available
  • ●Safety line to avoid potential safety hazards caused by high altitude. It is recommended that children ride in proper posture.
  • ● Improve the balance ability: balance the car during the exercise, the baby's feet are placed on the ground, the legs are evenly pressed, strengthen the strength of the leg muscles, exercise the baby's hand-eye coordination and balance ability.
  • ● Simple game: Each bike is partially installed. The wheels are safe and fast, ready to drive. Simply slide the seat and handlebar into the position that is right for your child and let your child play.