Heated Shoe Insoles Remote

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Colour A
Material Ethylene Vinyl Acetate
Size 36-40
Insole type Heating Insole
Arch type High Arch, Medium Arch, Low Arch
  • Keep Warm in Winter: Keep warm in winter, preventings coldness and frostbite.
  • Can be Cut: There are yardage cutting lines on surface, can be cut to the desired size according to your needs, the arch is more fit and comfortable.
  • Temperature Remote Control: Designed with temperature remote control device, different buttons on the remote control are used to control different operation modes, and the temperature can be controlled according to your own needs.
  • Battery Powered: Built-in lithium battery, ready to use when fully charged, no need to tie the battery, no need to connect to power supply.
  • Good for Heath: promote blood circulation, prevent frostbite, relieve menstruation and invigorate blood, relieve fatigue, etc.