Ice Cooling Vest Water Liquid Circulating Personal Outdoor Relief Heat

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Item Type: Cooling Vest
Material: Polyester, TPU
Application: Exhibition Ground Staff, Outdoor Photography, Fishing, Golfing, Courier, Railway Workers, Construction Workers, Airport Ground Staff, Motorcycle Riding and Other Outdoor Work and Activities.
Tip: Add Chilled Water to Make It Cooler
Continuous Working Time: Depending on the Capacity of Mobile Power Supply, for Example, if the Mobile Power Supply is 10000mAh (36Wh), then the Power SupplyDuration is 36/5=7.2 Hours (Working Time is Related to the Use Frequency, Power BankCapacity, Human Body Temperature, Environmental Temperature, Ice Storage and Other Factors)
Washing Suggestion: It is Recommended to Wash by Hand in Cold Water and Dry Naturally After Washing. Do Not Wash by Machine, Do not Stoving or Iron
About Storage: After Drying, if There is Water in the Cooling Sheet, It is Necessary to Drain the Water First, and then Dry in the Sun for Two Days, and then Store in a Dry Environment Away from Light.


1. Comfortable Material: This cooling vest adopts polyester material, which ensures good light resistance and great comfort, easy to wash and dry.
2. Water Circulation: This ice vest features water circulation cooling design which ensures even and fast cooling, preventing local undercooling.
3. Adjustable Design: The tightness of this body cooling vest can be easily adjusted according to different body types.
4. Self Suction Pump: This cool vest with self suction pump is suitable for 5 to 12V power supply without putting in water. Long service life and high safety.
5. Wide Application: This cooling vest is perfect for outdoor photography, fishing, golfing, railway workers, construction workers, airport ground staff, motorcycle riding and other outdoor activities.