Shoe dryer


This shoe dryer will allow you to dry your ski boots, hiking boots and even your gloves. It will also serve as a boot warmer. Warm up your boots in 10 minutes before going skiing, walking or riding a motorcycle.

  • Dries wet shoes and gloves in 1 to 3 hours
  • Easy to handle
  • Very quiet
  • Fits all types and sizes of shoes


Plug the shoe dryer into a power outlet, insert the dryer into each of your shoes. The warm, dry air from the dryer will dry all shoes, even the most humid ones, in less than 2 hours. This product is also suitable to dry gloves, socks or other wet textiles.

Be careful not to suffocate the dryer during its use. In order to dry well, the textile needs to breathe and evacuate the hot and humid air released by the drying process.